Message from Dottie Graham -- Secretary, Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

Pursuant to the Notice given in the July 31st 2014 Madmail,  the AGM of the Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay will be held this Saturday, August 9th, on the Main Dock at 10am.  The agenda is linked below, as is a proxy for voting.  The only vote scheduled is the voting in of the Board of Directors for 2014-15.  If you cannot scan and return the proxy in time, you may write to the Secretary at  stating whether you are voting in favour of the slate as proposed or against it.  If you prefer to give your vote to someone else to vote as your proxy, please write that and give the name of your proxy.   Alternatively, you may also call the Secretary at 705-756-2929 with your voting preference.  We are allowing the latter two simpler methods as not everyone has a scanner or email at Go Home and we want everyone to be able to vote.


AGENDA                     PROXY FORM