The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay


This proxy is solicited by the Board of Directors in connection with the Annual General Meeting of members of The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay to be held at 7pm on May 12th, 2015, at Manor United Church, 240 Manor Rd, Toronto.   A member who does not wish or is unable to attend the meeting in person may complete this form appointing a proxy.  The proxy need not be a member.


The undersigned member of The Madawaska Cub Limited hereby appoints William Lougheed of Toronto OR Dottie Graham of Toronto, OR instead of them or either of them,


 __________________________________ of _______________________

name of appointee                                                     city


as proxy holder of the undersigned, with full power of substitution, to attend, vote and otherwise act for and on behalf of the undersigned in respect of all matters that may come before the Annual Meeting of the members, including the voting in of the new Board of Directors for 2015-16, and at any adjournment thereof. This proxy may be used to vote for ONLY THOSE DIRECTORS NAMED IN THE OFFICIAL NOTICE OF THIS MEETING.


The undersigned hereby revokes all other instruments of proxy of the undersigned to attend, act or vote for and on behalf of the undersigned at said meeting or any adjournment.


DATED this _______ day of _________________, 2015


SIGNATURE __________________________________________ (member)


NAME          ___________________________________________ 

                                                 (please print)



  1. Proxies may be scanned and sent to the Secretary at prior to the meeting OR you may email the Secretary (Dottie Graham) at the aforementioned address and indicate whether you are voting in favour of the slate or not, or if you are giving your proxy to someone else, naming that person in the email. You may also ring the Secretary at 416-993-7245. Finally, it may also be given to the Secretary prior to the commencement of the meeting