Notice of Meeting

This is the Official Notice of the Summer Meeting of the Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay to be held Saturday August 8th at 10am on the Main Dock.

If any Member has any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact any member of the Board BEFORE the Summer Meeting so that we may try to address them and so that we have the most efficient and orderly meeting possible.


1.  President’s Remarks – Bill Lougheed
2.  Caretaker Vote

  • RESOLUTION: Do you want to continue with Robert Roi as Caretaker, with the understanding that a ‘No” vote will result in the contract being tendered?

3.  Treasurer’s Report – Mike Stephens
4.  Activities Report – Dana Stewart
5.  Property Update – David Cape
6.  Planning Report – Patsy Cross
7.  Other Business

Caretaker Vote – Explanation of Process

The forthcoming Caretaker vote has arisen, as has been explained, as a result of Robert’s 10-year contract coming up for renewal next February.  The Board’s decision, after listening to many members of the community, was to put the contract’s  renewal out to the community to decide, rather than making it a Board decision as is usual.

The Vote

The vote will be on the following Resolution:

“Do you want to continue with Robert Roi as Caretaker, with the understanding that a “No” vote will result in the contract being tendered?”

Voting Process
This is simple. One site (paid up) -- one vote. The vote will be by ballot, so no-one will know how you vote (this obviously is to preserve confidentiality and prevent any divisiveness between members). Votes will be double-counted (if necessary) and the result announced at the end of counting. Ballots will distributed at the meeting.


Proxies are distributed (with this mailing and will be available at the Library) and must be returned to the Secretary (Dottie Graham)  before the vote at the Meeting.  The Board makes giving a proxy as accessible as possible.  If returning the provided proxy is too difficult, please give Dottie a call (705-756-2929) or send her an email ( and she will ensure your vote is registered. The Board does not want anyone to be disenfranchised.

Site Members may direct their proxy-holders as to how they (Site Members) wish to vote.

Proxy Form specific to the Resolution has been created.  It can be downloaded by clicking the on the link in the preceding sentence.  Site Members who are not able to attend the Meeting on  the 8th are encouraged to use this form to designate someone to represent them at the meeting.  Please read this form carefully, as by default it restricts the proxy to the Resolution as written.  However by checking the box provided you can permit the proxy holder to represent you should the Resolution be amended or on any other business that might come to a vote during the Meeting.