Sailing Registration and Payment


Sailing Registration and Payment

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2017 Sailing Program

Our sailing program will permit children to develop skills that will enable them to either one day teach the program in our community or take their skill elsewhere and teach at a camp or Yacht club. 

There are specific objectives of the Sailing Program at Go Home:

  • Provide high quality “certified” programs to the children (and adults) of the bay
  • Keep our kids active, growing and connected in the community
  • Develop life long skills in the community that only serve to increase our enjoyment of the bay
  • Create jobs for Go Home Bay high school and University students

Sailors must be connected to a Site in Good Standing

Programs available:

NOTABLE FOR 2017: Levels 1-4 will be offered all five weeks.  The first three weeks of July will have a program for those interested in racing and working towards level 5. For those interested in the racing program they should have level 4 (or almost completed level 4), and they should commit to all three weeks.

Can Sail 1, 2, 3, and 4

The Can Sail program consists of four levels that take you though basic sailing skills, boat control basics, knot tying, boat and water safety, basic weather knowledge, and basic sailing terminology.  No prior sailing knowledge is required, however, your child must be comfortable in the water to start the CAN Sail 1.

Can Sail 5 and 6 ( Chutes and Wires )

The CYA Can Sail 5 and 6 consists of two levels that include training in advanced boat handling, sail theory, seamanship, boat maintenance, trapezing and spinnaker work. This program is the natural follow-up to the Can Sail 1,2,3,4,standards and is an excellent means of developing mastery of dinghy sailing in an enjoyable setting. Racing is an introduced Prerequisite for Instructor Training.

Please note: The programs offered help to move your child towards acquiring the different levels. When a child gets their level depends on when they acquire all the skills. Generally, 1 week is not sufficient to acquire a level.  Obviously, the more time on the water the better!

"The course has given my brother and I the confidence to really enjoy sailing, plus we developed some great friendships." - Tilly Cook

“I’ve been part of the Go Home Sailing program for 4 of the past 6 years, the instructors are great, the days are fun and I’m looking forward to finishing my Bronze in new boats this summer” – Ben Redfern

 “As a result of sailing camp, my 7 yr old became a sailing junkie who wouldn't get out of the Laser unless he had already been in it for 8 hours. And even then, we had to go get him.”  -S. Fairfield

“We have a blast sailing, playing land and water games and making new friends. We are so excited to sail again next summer!” – Sophie and Chloe Coutts