The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

 Summary Board Phone Meeting

Sunday April 3rd, 2016

Conference Call

Board Members on call: Bill Lougheed, Dottie Graham, Doug McKenzie, Andrea Proctor, Mike Stephens, Kelly Killoran, Michael Williams, David Cape, Patsy Cross

Board Members not: Dana Stewart

Slate for Election

The merit and suitability of the four members who put their names forward for election as Directors was discussed.

Bill spoke about Jeff Lanctot

Kelly spoke about Lewis Reis

Andrea spoke about Amy Satterthwaite

Mike and Bill spoke about Adam Scott

Everyone agreed that the four proposed people were admirably suited for the job and keen.  The proposed slate for election at the 2016 AGM was approved as follows:

David Cape                 Andrea Proctor

Patsy Cross                  Lewis Reis

Kelly Killoran             Amy Satterthwaite

Jeff Lanctot                  Adam Scott

Doug McKenzie         Mike Stephens


Mike gave updated details about the budget to be proposed, mainly estimates for repairs to the Caretaker house.

The Board’s budget as amended since the March meeting was approved for presentation to the community.

Caretaker Contract

The contract had been couriered to Maurie and that he was expecting a signed copy back midweek. It took some time, but a good contract in the end.

Hunting letter

Bill tabled this issue once again.

David said that he has spoken with some people and that a hunting permission letter has been drafted and will be circulated to the Board.  As the ice will be out soon it is getting important.