The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

 Board Meeting Summary
Wed April 2nd, 2014 
Michael Williams’s house
362 Deloraine, Toronto


Board Members Attending: Michael Owen, Bill Lougheed, David Cape, Dottie Graham, Doug McKenzie, Michael Stephens, Dana Stewart, Michael Williams  

Absent:  Roger Ashton                      

1. Formal Business  - Dottie
   Approval of Feb minutes

2.  Deck Sizes – re new zoning Bylaws  – Michael W

  • Township has proposed detached deck size (which would be able to be built at water's edge) of 40 square metres.  Planning Committee and input from public meetings favorable to this provision.
  • Township offered communities opportunity to define deck sizes in by-law.  At this point in time decks greater than 1.2 M in height are only governed by the need to comply with max. 5% lot coverage.  There are no limits on decks less than 1.2 M high.  This can result in huge deck sizes!
  • The board feels that’s it is in the best interests of the community and consistent with our community plan objectives, that we propose more sensible limits to deck construction, in response to the township request.
  • Mad Club proposals will be considered as part of the finalization of the new Zoning Bylaws that are currently under development in the Township

    Here is the exact wording we sent to the Township which, along with the rest of our letter and letters from others) is posted on their website:

    The Madawaska Club is strongly committed to the preservation and maintenance
    of natural shorelines and we feel many of the proposed new zoning provisions
    will contribute to the achievement of this important goal. Subsequent to our
    review of the first draft Zoning By-law, our group has had a number of
    discussions aimed at the development of provisions to regulate attached decks,
    which we feel is an important added measure to maintain a balance between
    shoreline development and shoreline preservation. Based upon our review, it is
    our understanding that the second draft of the Zoning By-law establishes the
    following provisions with respect to decks:

    • · 20 metre shoreline setback;
    • · maximum area for free standing deck is 40 m2;
    • · maximum height of a free-standing deck is 1.2 metres;
    • · free-standing decks may be located at the water’s edge; and,
    • · decks greater than 1.2 metres in height are included in the calculation of
      lot coverage.

    Suggested Deck Regulations
    As a result of a lengthy collaboration by our Planning Committee and Board, we respectfully request the following additional or modified provisions to pertain to the Go Home Bay Planning area; that all decks be subject to the maximum 5% lot coverage provision, regardless of height, and in no case shall the combined floor area of all decks exceed 200 sq. m.

    Further to these primary regulations, the Madawaska Club requests the following
    more specific regulations:

    • A maximum floor area of 40 m2 for detached decks (already proposed in Section; and,
    • A maximum floor area of 60 m2 for attached decks greater than 1.2 metre in height.
    In order to ensure that all decks, regardless of height, are subject to the lot coverage regulation, we would suggest an additional footnote be added to Tables.


3.  Club Trails  – David Cape.


  • Received member input that trails were in a bad state of repair in some locations
  • David Cape was given background on past efforts to maintain and the involvement with GBLT
  • David will prepare a plan and budget for review at a future board meeting and it is the board’s intention to move forward.

4. Board Succession – Michael  O.

  • It was resolved that Doug would post openings for Environment portfolio, Treasurer and 1 additional board opening.  Environment open immediately, others for August annual meeting slate.

5. Managed Forest – Bill L.

  • There are several administrative updates required to continue to keep our managed forest plan current and up to date.
  • Mike S. has volunteered to take this on in the absence of  a board member being in place on  Environment portfolio. Bill L will provide the files and both he and Michael W. will brief Mike S. further on what needs to be done.

6. Diving Board Project – Dottie

  • Brief update given on status of purchases of actual diving equipment.  Direction is that a used board will be the best route to keep costs down and overall project as efficient as possible
  • Dottie will update the community on progress in the upcoming newsletter.

Motion to adjourn: – Meeting adjourned