The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

 Board Meeting Summary
 Held Sunday August 24, 2014
    Go Home Bay (McKenzie cottage)


Directors Present: Bill Lougheed, Dottie Graham, Roger Ashton, Doug McKenzie, Michael Stephens, Dana Stewart, Kelly Killoran, Andrea Proctor

Directors Absent: Dave Cape, Michael Williams 

1. Election of Club President, Secretary and Treasurer

The Board voted the following directors to the positions indicated for 2014-2015:

Bill Lougheed – President

Dorothy Graham – Secretary

Michael Stephens - Treasurer

2. Deck Sizes

The Club received correspondence from Peter Foulds/Ian MacDonald recommending a change to the third (and most probably final) draft of the Comprehensive Zoning By-Law (CZB) for the Township of Georgian Bay. Their correspondence proposed more restrictive deck area limitations for Go Home and lower height restrictions (keeping the vast majority of deck below 0.6m - the required height for a railing). The CZB comment period for the Board and the Public was to close the next day, August 25th.

The Board deliberated and debated the issue in depth and at length. While the essence of the proposal of lowering the visual impact of decks flows from that written in our section of the Official Plan, the Board felt that it had inadequate time to properly study this request, especially considering the 0.6 m height limitation juxtaposed against the undulating topography in parts of Go Home.

Accordingly, the Board voted to have its’ Planning Committee study the matter of deck sizes and height. Bill Lougheed will brief the Planning Committee on the matter and ask them to undertake the work required to make a proper assessment. Future changes to the CZB may be made through a Township By-law Amendment.

3. Motion to Close

Meeting Closed.