The Board of Directors of the Madawaska Club at Go Home Bay has asked Stoney McCart and Susan Pigott, working with its Property Manager David Cape, to lead a process  to engage a broad range of interested community members in developing potential options for the community-owned property known as the “Caretakers Site.”

Under their leadership, the Board  will consult broadly with community members about possible long-term uses for the site and identify the capital and operational costs associated with them. This range of options and the ensuing costs/revenues will be presented to the full membership, between May and August 2020 . At this time, the options related to selling and renting the property will also be discussed.

Click to see the initial Work Plan for the  volunteer Task Force and the Final Report Framework to be presented to the community in 2020.  Updates to progress on the Work Plan will be available. 

While this work is going on, it is proposed that we find ways to pilot various community activities on the site in the summers of 2018 and 2019 . We will  also identify potential off-season uses for the site and pilot these.

Folks with ideas are asked to check out the Report Framework and present their ideas using the template and headings in the Report Framework. Those with ideas are expected to lead, or find co-enthusiasts to lead, the research and development of the idea. Members of the Task Force will help support Idea Development Teams for all ranges of ideas, from tearing down the facilities, to selling the property, to renting for a variety of uses, to establishing a community hub. Please contact either Stoney McCart ( or Susan Pigott ( for more information.

The Task Force objective is to ensure a thorough, open and transparent process that assists the community in a making an informed decision.