Go Home Bay Area Community Plan



We are pleased to announce that the District of Muskoka gave approval to the Go Home Bay Area Community Plan at the District Council meeting on January 22, 2007. The Plan was approved with some minor, mostly technical amendments.

Below are the approved documents:

Zoning by-law (text)

Zoning by-law (map)

Official Plan Amendment as Modified and approved by the District

Official Plan Amendment (map)

Rock Wind Water - Sense of Place Report

Planning Issues and Options Report

An appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board of the Official Plan Amendment and the associated Township zoning by-law has been initiated by Nancy Ruth. The appeal is site specific and relates only to the Official Plan designation and zoning of islands belonging to Nancy Ruth. The Township is responding to this appeal and the Executive Committee of the Madawaska Club at Go Home Bay is monitoring it. Apart from this one appeal, the new Go Home Bay Area Community Plan is now in effect with respect to any future development applications in the Go Home Bay Area.