The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

 Board Meeting Summary

Feb 18th, 2014

Bill Lougheed’s house, 28 Crestview, Toronto

Attending: Bill Lougheed, Mike Stephens, Dottie Graham, David Cape, Kelly Killoran, Doug McKenzie, Andrea Proctor, Dana Stewart, Michael Williams (by phone)

Absent: Roger Ashton

Bill: called meeting to order

1. Approval of December minutes

The Minutes were approved.

2. Financial Issues - Budget and Costs

The 2015 budget was presented and discussed in detail and some adjustments made based on discussions. Club finances were discussed in detail. Costs to the membership were reviewed critically and in depth.

A summary of these discussions is presented below.

·    The sailing program which has been self-funding for quite some time has a surplus. Notwithstanding, Alan Redfern has not been fully reimbursed for the Optimums he provided. This will be taken care off. This payment to Alan will still will leave a needed surplus in place for equipment replacement and repair.

·    The Board had previously discussed reducing the costs of the AGM in Toronto; costs that used to run in excess of $3,000. Dana Stewart has kindly volunteered her Montessori School. We have budgeted $700 for this year’s AGM to cover food and beverages.

·    It was decided to take site fee payments on-line (website) and to encourage e-transfers and to generally transition to paperless payments. Payment of Club and program fees will be easier, faster and more efficient.

·   $2100 was budgeted for bank charges in 2015. 

·   $2200 was budgeted for Regatta. 

·    Regatta BBQ Costs: New ones will cost over $2,000. Bill has metal bases provided by David Cape and Bill will weld these onto existing barbecues and paint the BBQ’s.

·    $700 was budgeted for library.

·     Wood working: We pay woodworking materials and will continue doing that. 

·    GBA membership - $6600. We discussed eliminating or reducing the number of mailed copies of the GBA Newsletter. It was decided to go paperless (this decision was later deferred after discussions between the GBA and Bill). We will re-visit this issue next year once the GBA determines its direction with respect to this issue.

·    Insurance is at $8000.  Bill asked that we ensure that there is a rider in place for diving. Mike Stephens will take care of that.

·    The Secretary’s honorarium was discussed. Agreed to keep this at $3,000. This honorarium has not increased since Sheila MacFeeters retired as Secretary.

·    Secretary Internet costs will no longer be covered

·         The Board decided upon a budget for $3,000 for planning consultant fees. It is believed that little of these monies will actually be spent. This amount is for contingency purposes in the event that any serious planning matter arises.

·         $1,000 was set aside for trails and property monitoring. However the MNRF offered their services last year and we will continue that program. Paul Brown and Wendy Camarind raised money for trail work. We will follow up to see what work will be done with the funds that were raised.

·    The tax costs of $4200/year on Pig Island were discussed. Should we continue to keep SR zoning on this island in order to have it as an emergency fund (i.e. site sale) or should we reduce the taxes to a nominal amount by downzoning to natural state? There was no decision on what the Board should recommend to the membership.

·         The growing costs of maintaining the Caretaker’s house were reviewed once again.

·         The existing Caretaker’s contract expires in February 2016. The contract was discussed in the context of the Board’s review of expenditures and overall Club costs. The Directors discussed details of job description, remuneration, and looked at data regarding comparable costs incurred for caretaker services in other communities. These matters were discussed at length in closed session.

3. Other Matters Before The Board

·    There were discussions concerning the Marathon and Marathon Trophies and points.

·         The Committee consisting of Bill, Dottie and Andrea are reviewing issues of director nomination, succession, slate generation and advance-notice provisions. Discussions are ongoing.

·    The Directors discussed issues regarding mess in the Club washroom in 2014. Dana will arrange for a teenager to do clean up and sailors will be tasked with clean-up on sailing program days.

·    The Board set a date of May 12th for the AGM.

·    Kelly Killoran was elected as Vice President by unanimous vote. Kelly will continue to manage the Environmental Portfolio and will be leading the Phragmites removal initiative at Go Home. Kelly is the Go Home representative on the GBA taskforce on Phragmites.

·    Tax issues and filings were discussed. Bill will investigate the matter with two CA’s in response to Mike Stephen’s initial investigations.

·    The Directors discussed whether our sailing program staff are contractors or employees. This matter will be looked into further.

·    Next meeting Wednesday March 25th at Bill’s house. 28 Crestview Rd. , Toronto

Meeting declared closed