The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

 Summary Board Meeting Minutes

 Wednesday February 16th, 2016

Bill Lougheed’s house, 28 Crestview Rd, TO

Board Members attending: Bill Lougheed, Kelly Killoran, Dottie Graham, Patsy Cross, Doug McKenzie, Andrea Proctor, Mike Stephens (by phone)

Board Members absent: David Cape, Dana Stewart, Michael Williams

Approval of January minutes

Moved Kelly, seconded Andrea, passed

 Business arising from last month’s minutes

The caretaker contract was discussed. David is still ironing out details with Robert. Robert has the contract in-hand but has not reported back to David and Bill yet.

Time and place for AGM – Bill/Dottie

There was a general discussion of dates and discussion of venue.

Decision: 5th of May. Dana confirmed (via text) that it can be at Manor Church. 7pm (Note: this date and venue were later changed)

Slate of new Directors:

There are 2 candidates with good qualification. We are still in need of 2 more.  There are 4 directors leaving (Bill, Dana, Dottie & Michael Williams).


Andrea is dealing with recruiting a volunteer to run the regatta party. Targeted Heather Duncanson to do Regatta party - she was unable to do it last year.

Craig Cook is doing Regatta day – I think with Brigid. Emily is doing Marathon for her last time.


Large discussion regardingprizes at Marathon and doing away with them.

Conclusion We will keep prizes but approach Marathon participants this year and ask them what they would like to have happen.

Budget a & Finance

Alan Redfern has kindly offered to chase down the accounts receivable regarding the sailing program.  Treasurersuggested that we need to get the R&M figured out – what will come out of capital and what from operating.  Caretaker’s salary in the budget is based on Robert accepting David’s offer.  GBA will pay for mailing for this year but not next year. 

Professional fees, leaving that in.  Still have $1000 for trails.  Bumped property taxes depending on what happens with Pig.  Won’t be a huge difference.  Pig and Sunset have their own roll numbers, in managed forest we had shoals and islands and Pig and Sunset were included in those – they are no longer.  We’ll know as soon as I get an assessment.  Bumped up in case we need a new webcam – that one is 12 years old.  Need to find a good one with a long-range focus. 

Long discussion about getting quotes for the Caretaker house. The board has been asking for these for 4 years with no result.

Long discussion about what repairs. Roof will be done and it is budgeted for.

Motion.  That the 2015 financial statements be approved.

Moved Mike, seconded Kelly. Passed

Diving Board Insurance

Diving Board Insurance is covered off, no need for a specific rider. 

Board Slate

Several directors have reached out for qualified individuals as Board candidates. These directors will report back their findings.


Sue Grundy has finished her term at GBA, will be looking for replacement.  Thinks that that person should be on the Board as well. Taking the message from Club. Other Boards have that arrangement

Motion: that when the new Board is appointed that it will be a requirement that one of the Directors take on the role of being the GBA representative.

Moved Bill, seconded Kelly. Passed

Planning Update

The O’Hara dock situation was discussed in detail and an action plan outlined and discussed. In a nutshell the Township is at fault not the landowner for granting a dock permit that is [not] in compliance with the zoning by-law. The contractor constructed a deck that does not conform.

The Club with Patsy, Bill and Michael as leads have had legal discussions and are proceeding with rectifying the matter since the Twp. Council’s decision does not nearly remedy the situation.

There is also a site alteration by-law.  Used to be an exemption that said that blasting would be allowed once you had a building permit.  So I looked at blasting by-law.  Cognashene had an amendment that tightened up the by-law, so that it’s not automatic.  Asked Nick what to do, and he said to do what Cognashene does.  Going to pursue that avenue.

MOTION:  That the Board gives Patsy approval to craft an amendment to the blasting by-law using Cognashene as a template to tighten up the existing blasting permission.

Moved Patsy, seconded Andrea, passed

Bill: Patsy has done a fabulous job.  If we can just make this one objection regarding the Twp’s handling of the O’Hara dock, we might succeed in improving adherence and respect for our community plan. 

Other Business

Bill: want to get back to hunting group.  Will bring something back to the next meeting with waiver. 

There still seems that there needs to be further discussion to iron this out. Bill tabled it again for the next meeting.

Discussion about date for March meeting – consideration of March Break. Will probably be March 23rd.

Meeting Ended