The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

 Summary Board Meeting Minutes

 Wednesday January 20th, 2016

Bill Lougheed’s house, 28 Crestview Rd, TO

Attending: Bill Lougheed, Dottie Graham, Kelly Killoran, Mike Stephens, Doug McKenzie, Andrea Proctor, Patsy Cross, Michael Williams (by phone)

Absent: David Cape, Dana Stewart

Bill: called meeting to order

David wrote to Bill giving his permission to discuss the Caretaker Contract in his absence.

Approval of November 2015 minutes

Motion to approve: Dottie, second Kelly. Approved

Business Arising from Nov minutes

Caretaker Contract

There were long discussions about the contract. Most items were ironed out satisfactorily. The instructions from the Board are to take 2 different contract options to Robert. There were discussions as to when inspections should happen and the following resolution was passed:

Motion (Dottie; seconded Bill.): That Robert’s final inspection is done after the ice is out. Approved

Discussion here about whether May 24 should be the cut-off date; many disagreed, as many of us get in long before that. (President note: this resolution did not find its way into the final Caretaker contract – perhaps this can be revisited by a future Board).

Amendment (Doug, seconded Andrea): That the inspection that be done within 3 weeks of the ice going out. Approved

Motion: (Michael W, seconded Patsy). That Mike Stephens, Bill Lougheed and David Cape have the Board’s ok to negotiate on the Board’s behalf a contract with Robert with a 10-year value cap.

Motion passed without amendment

Treasurer’s Report

Approval granted from the Government for voluntary disclosure. There is a surplus of almost $22K this year.  Means that we have $5K more in site fees, and $3800 in accounts receivable, and only spent $600 of $12K budgeted. Reality is that there is a $300 surplus.  Accounting shows a significant surplus, but reality is that we didn’t save a lot of money this year.

Important that Board understands that sailing surplus has to go back into sailing.

Discussions about ending the Secretary’s honourarium. There was not agreement on a path forward.


Wrote a long letter to the mayor and our councilors saying I’d like to know what this decision was. Got a letter back saying it was a closed committee decision.  They considered and decided that only the dock portion needed to be adjusted. No opportunity for input. In early January Patsy wrote a good letter to the mayor and councilors objecting to their decision. What they said was too vague, they needed to answer within 15 days or we would take action.  John O’Hara wrote to say he is very frustrated by this whole thing: so far as he is concerned he has a valid permit.  Nick Popovich (Twp. planner) said that council discussed the letter and Council won’t be changing their minds.  Patsy requested a freedom of info to see permit and final inspection to show it was built to specs.

There was general praise for Patsy’s great work, following in the foortsteps of the great example set by Michael Williams.

Go Home Welcoming Committee

Suggestions for it.

1. brief history of Club, maybe a few pics, explain that we have unoccupied lands that we all pay for

2.  want to hit up a few of the agents who work in the territory, explain some of our values to them so they can tell prospective buyers what they’re getting into

3. make sure that builders are aware and that they have an up-to-date copy of our plan

We want more people likeour wonderful new members to feel welcome and understand our heritage and community values. So having materials that help prospective buyers understand our community would be very helpful.


Discussion on outreach for candidates. Tasks assigned since there have not been candidates stepping forward despite extensive advertising. One existing Board member’s spouse was suggested. The Board decided that it was not fair representative to have 2 members of one family on the Board.

Motion to close Bill, seconded Doug. Passed

Next meeting: Wednesday February 17th