Directions to Honey Harbour Small Motors
(Larry and Shirley Simons) [Ph. 705-756-2151]

Driving from Toronto:

  • Take the Hwy 400 North. Follow the signs to BARRIE.
  • Once you arrive at Barrie, stay on Hwy 400. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT HAND LANE AS YOU PASS THE DUCKWORTH STREET EXIT (Exit 102, the fifth and last exit in Barrie). Follow the signs to PARRY SOUND. Hwy 400 and Hwy 11 split at the northern edge of Barrie with Hwy 11 going left and the 400 on the right. If you take the wrong road, you may end up in Bracebridge. A pretty town but NOT Georgian Bay!
  • Follow the Hwy 400 north. You will pass the town of COLDWATER (on your right). This is an excellent time to pull off if you need any last minute groceries or a stop at the liquor store (hint hint!) and is also the last hardware store for many miles.
  • From the 400 north take exit #156 - Honey Harbour/Port Severn North. At the stop sign at the end of the exit ramp turn left onto Honey Harbour Road (Muskoka Road 5) to Honey Harbour. Follow the road for 13 Km. into Honey Harbour. Drive past the General Store (truly the last possible stop for provisions) and the Liquor Store on your left to a “T” junction. Turn right and continue on ever diminishing road that winds past the local school until you reach a disorganized collection of boats, cars, motors and garbage. There is a set of docks and a prominent house where the owners live. Enquire as to where to park.

    Ph. 705-756-2151 
    Main Contacts: Larry, Shirley or Traci Simons