LINK to Message from the Executive Committee (Michael Owen 2012)

Capital Improvements to Main Dock!

At the 2010 AGM, the Executive Committe presented plans for a major capital improvement to the Main Dock area.

A working group comprising E.C. and community members, complemented with the professional assistance of architect Ian MacDonald, had been exploring alternatives to design a multi purpose storage facility that will both house and protect club resources in the off season, and provide a sheltered area to operate activities such as woodworking, craft class, sailing etc, in the summer months.  Every effort was made to preserve the significant and dramatic appearance of the existing heritage of the buildings and their appearance in the “big bay”. A significant portion of this project was the replacement of the aging docking systems and the intention is to provide ample moorings, and safer, easier approaches and access.  These changes and upgrades were intended to make the Main dock more accessible to all age groups; subsequently encouraging community involvement and attendance to activities and events.

At the 2011 AGM, Ben Boriss presented an update on the project's progress:

  • Ian Macdonald’s office prepared and distributed detailed tendering packages to a long list of potential contractors for the project.
  • By the deadline the club received two bids and after due consideration, selected local contractor Dave Yandt (Dimension Renovations) to do the work.
  • Work is already under way, with footing laid and much of the required builing materials on site.
  • The goal is to have the facilities ready for use this summer.
  • The upgrades to the club dock include:
    • New “whitewater” floating docks (with 30% more docking space).
    • Replaced and redesigned access from docks to Library and Post Office.
    • A new multi purpose structure capable of hosting many different summer activities and storing club resources (sail boats) in the off season.
    • Simple, easily accessible washroom facilities.