The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

 Summary Board Meeting Minutes

 Wednesday March 23, 2016

Bill Lougheed’s house, 28 Crestview Rd, TO

Board Members attending: Bill Lougheed, Dottie Graham, Doug McKenzie, Andrea Proctor, Mike Stephens, Kelly Killoran (by phone), Michael Stephens (by phone), David Cape (by phone)

Board Members absent: Patsy Cross

Approval of February minutes - Dottie

Moved Andrea, seconded Kelly. passed

Business arising from last month’s minutes

a.       Caretaker Contract

David: has been liaising with Robert since January. Met twice, once alone and once with Maurie.  It took them some time to digest it, and they got some advice from some friends at Go Home.  I spoke to both those advisors.  I got a counter offer, nothing to do with money.  It’s not finalized but I expect it will be soon.  Think we’re in a good place here.

Cell phone and accessibility to the Caretaker were discussed. Agreed by the Property Manager that the Caretaker has to carry a cell phone and be available to the Club or members. 

Reporting by the Caretaker of observed property damage will be within 48 hours.  Other changes are vacating the workshop in July 2018.  If it’s available after that and Robert wishes to use it he can without paying rent. 

Board Director Selection Criteria

Another direct family member of a sitting director has applied for a Board position to be placed on the slate in May. (In writing this summary, the President notes that the individual in question is extremely skilled and capable). At the last meeting the same discussion arose about a family member of another director and the Board vetoed that. Bill suggested that Board needs a policy on this.  The Board needs that so that it is clear and so that we can be transparent to the community. Bill suggested that it is not representative or fair for the membership to have 20% of the Board’s voting power assigned to one family when one family only represents ¾ of a percent of the membership.

Motion: That when nominating Board members, the Board consider first members not immediately related to a sitting Board member, and if there is still an opening that the Board then consider immediately related members

Moved Bill, seconded Dana. Passed

More in depth discussion on candidates for Board replacement (Dottie, Dana and Michael Williams and Bill are retiring after long lengths of service).

Hunting letter

Bill: have been waiting 5 years for this letter.  David is going to get back with a letter that will perhaps be more in line with what we might perhaps agree upon.

AGM – agenda

Agenda items confirmed excepting Ian MacDonald as a speaker. Bill will reach out to him.

3.      Georgian Bay Today

Bill: Georgian Bay Today is a fabulous rag. Offering it to our membership for reduced rate – could cost about $1.

Mike: that’s great.  No problem

Everyone fine so long as NDA signed and the mailing list is never publically released.


Cost of insurance went up. 

We need insurance for yoga.  We need to figure out sailing insurance too; Discussion but not agreement as to whether we are covered.

Suggested that we can get insurance but it changes our policy and we will need to pay for it.  This item requires immediate attention.

Caretaker Residence

In light of conversation with caretaker, the Property Manager suggested we should go ahead and replace the roof, which would entail removing a skylight, create a dry environment. Repair the joist damage there because of the leakage.  Maybe hold off on the rest; the former should be enough for this year.  We could paint the inside but I don’t think Robert is too concerned with that.  We talked about improving the main Dock signage, maybe a pathway from WC to doc.  Couple planks from dock to caretaker residence.  Carrying forward from last year we should have some sort of budget, need to address the bandstand.  The Board had agreed last month on $4K for the bandstand – that’s in. 

Planning update

Bill (in patsy’s absence): we all Directors send our best wishes to Patsy for a speedy recovery from hip surgery.  Mark Kemmerer (lawyer) has made a move and Township has responded.

Here Bill read letter from Township

Our counsel said that it sounds as if the Township is now taking us seriously in regards to their handling of the O’Hara dock issue which is the Township’s matter and no issue lies with the O’Hara family. I have asked our counsel the question whether the township is responsible for enforcing municipal by-laws (note: the response was curiously, No they are not)

Michael W: I would be interested to hear what minister of municipal affairs and housing.  This defies logic.

Other Business

The Board agreed to discontinue power service to the “Candy Store” which service we have not used for many years.

Discussions with Robert, asking about Andrew King.  Have we posted an article about his birthday?  There’s an article with a great photo.

Doug has posted something on FB and lots of people went to his birthday party, but have not posted a specific article.  Thanks for that, will do it.

Next meeting: April 20th