The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

Board Meeting Summary
Tuesday May 6th, 2014
Michael Williams’s house
362 Deloraine, Toronto

Board Members Attending: Michael Owen, Bill Lougheed, Dottie Graham, Doug McKenzie, Michael Stephens, Dana Stewart, Michael Williams 

Absent: Dave Cape

Guest: Darryl Drew-Brook

Trapping Proposal

Darryl had seen the Facebook post re the illegal trap found this past winter which triggered his request to the board to give permission to trap on club lands which would result in getting a MNR trapping permit. The rationale being that this would ensure that only sanctioned activity would be conducted. Much discussion around population management and quota’s ensued with no clear consensus reached. Board will consider request and get back to Darryl. 

1. Formal Business - Dottie

  • Approval of Apr minutes

2. Group Insurance – Roger

  • Roger reported that he reviewed coverage of the FOCA backed club policy which offers the club good rates and access to $10 million in liability coverage. 
  • Copy of the policy was circulated to board members and renewed for the season 

3. Site Fee Status – Roger

  • 84 members have sent in checks for 2014 fee’s, on trac
  • Reminders will go out in spring newsletter and Doug will repeat the approach used last year to keep the membership advised. 

4. By-Law Update – Michael W

  • July 18th is when the third draft of the new zoning bylaw is to be completed. 
  • Patsy Cross and Kirk Carlson are working on zoning maps which have been produced by the township as part of the bylaw to ensure they are accurate. 
  • We will communicate to the community after July 18th so people can check that their property I properly zoned. 

5. Managed Forest – Mike S

  • Mike will get a template together that will help track what we do with the managed forest so that we can update our plans on an ongoing basis 

6. Diving Board Project – Dottie

  • Diving board purchased and to be delivered by July 1st
  • Replacement dock will be order from Whitewater unless a suitable second hand dock can be found. Dock length will be reduced to 30’ versus current. 

7. Board Succession - Michael O

  • There has been limited response from the community with regard to the open positions.
  • A preferred candidate will be approached for treasurer position.

8.  Motion to adjourn: – Meeting adjourned