The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

Board Meeting Summary

May 11, 2016, 7:00 PM

104 Whitehall Rd., Toronto


1.    Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the president of the corporation, Kelly Killoran, at 7 p.m.  The president acted as chairperson of the meeting and Andrea Proctor, secretary of the corporation, acted as secretary of the meeting.

2.    Attendance

Present: Patsy Cross, Kelly Killoran, Doug McKenzie, Andrea Proctor, Lewis Reis, Amy Satterthwaite, Adam Scott, Mike Stephens

Regrets: David Cape, Jeff Lanctot

3.    Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

All board members present declared that they had no conflicts of interest for the meeting.

 4.    Ice Breaker/Welcome

5.    Discussion of Code of Conduct, Standards of Service & Conflict of Interest for Board Members

Discussion of rules of order for Board meetings, and code of conduct.

6.    Call for Approval, Amendments or Additions to the Minutes  

Minutes from May 2 approved, pending one revision.

7.    Discussion: Roles of Officers vs. Directors

8.    Discussion of Liability Insurance

a.    Discussion of insurance currently in place, requirements for directors to submit information to the Treasurer so that files can be brought up to date.

b.    Discussion of insurance, and extent thereof, for sailing program.

9.    Round Table Discussion of Current Status of Board Portfolios·        
To inform new directors of completed projects 2015-2016, existing projects with near- and long-term priorities.

a.    Environment

  i.    Phragmites
  ii.    Dockside garbage pickup 
iii.    Osprey nest
   iv.    Large object garbage pickup
     v.    Ongoing items: 1) trails cut and signed, 2) water testing

b.    Property Management

c.    Land Use and Planning

i.    Patsy noted that she is happy to talk to anyone in the community about compliance issues
  ii.    Minor variance and zoning issues
    iii.    By-law matter
  iv.    Site visits by the Township
  v.    Blasting by-law
    vi.    Information nuggets to continue in MadMail

d.    Treasurer

   i.    Number of sites paid

e.    Website

  i.    Reminder to update address database
  ii.    Discussion on Welcoming Committee

 10. Listing of All Projects (short- and long-term) for prioritization at future meetings (deferred to a future meeting)

 11. Direction for New Directors (and directors assuming new roles): brainstorming

a.    Scope of portfolios, what directors expect to accomplish

12. Scheduling of Next Meeting 

13. Conclusion