Application for Membership in the (new) Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

There are two (2) different membership application forms. These are in PDF format and will open in a new window/tab from which they can be printed or downloaded to your computer.

  1. Membership Application –Site Member  
  2. Membership Application – Community Member

1. The "Site Member" form is for the ONE person designated as the site representative.  This is the person to whom bills and correspondence will be directed, and who has the authority to vote on certain matters on behalf of the site.  The choice of Site member is entirely up to owners/users of your cottage, but the Club can only accept one name, so please ensure everyone associated with your site understands this.  On significant matters as determined by the chair of a members’ meeting or where specifically requested by a site member, a  vote may be restricted to site members only. Fractional voting is allowed, and is permitted at meetings provided the proper procedures are followed in advance.  Fractional voting means that more than one person may have a portion of a vote, but each site will still only have 1 vote.  So each spouse may elect to have 1/2 of a vote each, or three siblings might elect to have 1/3 each, and those votes will be duly calculated in portions (so that a tally might read "150 1/2  votes in favour and 34 1/3 against") The principle of one site/one vote on matters of significant importance was a governing objective of the conversion process and is now in effect.  However, as in the past, open membership votes on most matters will still be the ordinary process and community members will be entitled to vote on all such matters where the site member only restriction has not been imposed.   

2. The "Community Member" form is for every other person associated with a site - usually family members, although a Community member could also be persons who have a strong connection to the Bay. There are two options on the form: the first will mostly be relatives or co-owners of the site representative, and the second is for regular volunteers or contributors, or repeat renters (irrespective of whether the same cottage has been rented) or past members who no longer come to the Bay.  Please check only one.

All membership application forms must be approved by the board of directors and the Secretary will contact you if there are any problems or issues with your membership application (i.e. more than one (1) SITE member application for a site).

These forms are a simplified version of the forms that had been previously posted on this site.  If you already sent in one of these earlier versions, we thank you for your prompt attention and do NOT require that you send another!  

For each site please complete one (and only one) SITE member application form.   Also please complete and submit as many COMMUNITY member application forms as you wish to include any family members who will NOT be the designated SITE member for your site.   

If you have any questions before completing a membership application form, please contact the Secretary of the Club via email.  

Questions and responses of general interest to members (excluding any personal information) may be made available on the Madawaska Club Facebook group and on the website as a service to members.