Policies for use of Madawaska Club Lands 
(last revised: February 2008)

Please take this page to your cottage and make sure children, guests and renters are aware of these policies

Club lands include:

  • The unoccupied parts of  Big and Long Islands
  • Sunset, Pig and Cecil Islands
  • From The Main Dock through to the Caretaker’s residence property
  • The unoccupied parts of the mainland behind cottage properties
  • Several properties on the mainland in the Pittsburgh
  • Over 80 islands and shoals throughout the area but particularly in High Rock Bay, off the shores of Big and Long Islands, in Riddell’s Bay and in the Pittsburgh

The Club properties are identified in the Managed Forest Plan which is available in the library

Camping and Picnicking

  • If you will be lighting a fire, always bring your own firewood including kindling
  • Only light fires on old scars
  • Practice “no trace” camping—leave the site as you found it
  • Camping at any one site is limited to three nights
  • Pick up after pets—“stoop and scoop”

Wildlife Protection

  • Do not harass wildlife
  • Picking up frogs and snakes is discouraged, especially if you have sunscreen and/or insect repellent on your hands
  • Avoid islands with bird populations during nesting season
  • Do not disturb rocks which might provide seasonal habitat to various species such as salamanders and skinks
  • When swimming and landing boats, be alert to fish spawning areas

Tree Cutting

  • Minor clearing and thinning of brush areas on Club lands adjacent to a siteholder’s land is permitted for access purposes, fire management, woodlot protection and conservation.
  • Minor cutting of firewood for personal use only is permitted on Club lands following best conservation practices and is restricted to those areas further than 300 feet from the shoreline and further than 300 feet from cottage lots
  • Remove only lower quality trees which do not have wildlife habitats such as cavities or stick nests in them


  • All spent shells are to be collected