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2014 Summer Annual General Meeting Minutes  (*new*)



Annual General Meeting of the Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

Tuesday May 12th, 2015, 7pm

Manor United Church
240 Manor Rd E., Toronto, M4S 1R8

  1. President’s Remarks – Bill Lougheed
  2. Treasurer Report - Mike Stephens
  3. Activities Report – Dana Stewart
  4. Property Report - David Cape
  5. Planning Update - Patsy Cross
  6. GBA Report – Sue Grundy
  7. Caretaker - Bill Lougheed
  8. Slate of Directors for membership vote
    Bill Lougheed
    Kelly Killoran
    Mike Stephens
    Dottie Graham
    Michael Williams
    Dana Stewart
    Doug McKenzie
    David Cape
    Andrea Proctor
    Patsy Cross
  9. Town Hall