Passing of Patty Proctor

PATRICIA ISABEL PROCTOR (née Wilson) Patty died on September 3, 2019, aged 75, in the Intensive Care Unit of the Toronto General Hospital, after a four-year struggle with Multiple System Atrophy. Daughter of the late John Tuzo and Isabel Wilson, she is survived by her sister Susan Wilson, her beloved husband Michael, her daughters Andrea, Eleanor, and Caroline (Nick Macan), and her grandsons Maxwell and Lochlan.


Regatta Winners

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who came out to compete in the 2019 regatta. Special mention to this year’s trophy winners, namely…

Under 5 Girls: Violet Anstey

Under 5 Boys: Lachlan Proctor

Under 7 Girls: Blakely Boriss / Rosie Cape

Under 7 Boys: Finn Boriss

U7 Girls Rowing Rossiter Cup: Rosie Cape

U7 Boys Rowing Rossiter Cup: Finn Boriss

Under 10 Girls : Hope Trusler

Under 10 Boys: Reddon Callaghan

U10 Boys Paddling Billy Carswell Cup: William McNeil

Under 13 Girls : Skye Trusler

Under 13 Boys: Hudson Callaghan

Under 16 Girls : Gemma Trusler

Under 16 Boys: Oliver Graham

Open Women: Maria Robson

Open Women Rowing Mary Galbraith Cup: Christine Robson

Open Men: Jeff Martin

Masters Women: Raynor Boutet

Masters Men: Bill Robson

Swimming Women: Hannah Lord

Swimming Men: Braedon Sharp

Diving Under 10: Reddon Callaghan

Diving Under 13: Hudson Callaghan

Diving Under 16: Bruno Cyr

Diving Open: Madi McNitt

Diving Masters: Brian Martin

Sportsperson Leonard and Theresa Roi Cup: Freya Field

We hope to see everyone, plus some returnees and some newbies, next year.

Shout out for Regatta

A BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who made the 2019 regatta run so well!

From lists of to-dos and awards prep ahead of time, through course setup,
marshalling, judging, compiling, and pitching in at the awards ceremony … the
list of people who pitched in with wisdom, energy and effort is impressive.

How impressive? This impressive!
Mary Anne Ballantyne
Charlie Ballantyne
Suzanne Beauregard
Brye Bonner
The Brooks family
Jeff Butler
Leslie Cogill
Tilly Cook
Tonya Davey
Iain Dobson
Caroline Duncanson
Emily Fells
Dottie Graham
Christa Guckenberger
Pete Ilnyckyj
Isadora Lim
Stephen Martin
Madi and Tim McNitt
Robert Roi
Jim Robson
Maria Robson
Christine Robson
Larry Till
Andrew Trusler
Julia Trusler
Katie Trusler Ward and David Ward
Sandy and Doug Wilson
George Wishart

(The list might be even more impressive than that. If you helped out and don’t
see your name, tell us, and we’ll add it.)

Volunteers, you were great! We really appreciate it. As we appreciate the past
trophy winners – all of them! – who got the hardware back in time. And everyone
who came out to row, paddle, swim, dive, and cheer.

Your grateful regatta organizers, Bill and Helen Robson

Surprise your Go Home community with what you think!

The Task Force working on recommendations and options for the Caretaker’s Site analyzed both the surprises and the expected from last year's focus groups and survey. There was more interest in renting than we thought; there was more use of the back lands than we thought. There was a strong desire for activities that build community.

When we hear from everyone, we hear the voices that often don't get heard at meetings.  The Task Force is working to hear from at least one person from every site to provide a fully representative and informative report to the board this fall.

This survey builds on what we learned from the first survey, but there the  50+ crowd holds sway in participation numbers. If you’re under 50, say ‘Hello future!’ and take a couple of minutes now to help shape it. 

The ambitious goal is to hear from every age group (10 and up) from every area of the bay with every different interest. (And yes, 50 plusses are needed; we got new questions for you!) Encourage all generations who use your site to participate.

Here’s the link, and just so we leave no Go Home stone unturned, you might also see a member of the younger generation – Oliver Graham, – out and about encouraging all-age participation. 

Help us out. Click here please and thanks.

The Caretaker Site Task Force