Volunteers Needed- July 21, 22, 23 for Trails


We need your help please.  The MNR has offered the Club 5 Stewardship Youth Rangers to assist with our trail maintenance this year July 21-23.  We are looking for community members willing to help lead the Rangers on our trails and assist them with navigating the trail system.  They will have some tools, but additional equipment (chainsaw, clippers, etc) would be a bonus.  They will have their own boat, but we will probably need to lead them into the area and get them out again on the Wed.

This is a great opportunity to assist us in meeting our obligations under the Managed Forest Plan.  While we do not expect to do all the trails during this 3 day window, we should be able to put a dent in it with help from you.  Please email me at mjsstephens@gmail.com if you are available to assist on those days. Thanks!