Renewal of Caretaker Contract

The Summer Meeting on Saturday August 8th has only one major agenda item -- deciding whether Robert Roi's contract should be renewed, or whether the Caretaker's position should be put out to public tender.  At the meeting there will be a ballot vote -- open only to Site Members of sites in good standing (those whose 2015 fees have been paid). The Board has taken the position (announced at the AGM in May) that their decision will be made based on the outcome of this vote.

Several recent Facebook postings have focused on this topic.  In particular, an open letter to the MadClub Board was written by Martin Brooks.  Dottie Graham, as Club Secretary, has responded to this letter. Additional comments to these two letters are also showing up on the Club's Facebook page.

A new page has been added to the website, containing information pertinent to this decision.  It is entitled "2015 Summer Meeting" and is located in the navigation bar at the top of each page on this website.

Both Martin's letter and Dottie's response are available via links on this page. 

Additional information and relevant comments will be added to the website between now and the meeting on the 8th.

The formal Notice of Meeting together with proxy forms will be sent to all qualified Site Members within the next few days.