Garbage Pickup and Dump Closure - message from Kelly Killoran

The District Municipality of Muskoka has closed the Leonard Roi Landfill/Dump for Go Home Bay and will not be providing dockside garbage pick up for the Summer of 2016. Please see the letter from the District explaining the situation and future considerations, which can be found on the website in the ENVIRONMENT link in the navigation menu at the top of every website page.

Many Go Homers take out their garbage as they head home or drop guests at the end of the weekend, however there are a number of residences who have used this service and I hope for this first summer we can help them as needed.

On behalf of the Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay I would like to thank Leonard for his 53 years of dedicated service. He saw a need many years ago and has been managing our landfill/dump site since 1963. He has been meticulous in keeping the area surrounding our site clean, has employed many young summer cottagers and rain or shine he was there ever Monday morning July through August. Thanks Leonard!

The complete letter from the Township is available on the Madclub Website in the ENVIRONMENT link at the top of any website page, or directly at . An edited summary is included here:

The Township has decided that:

  • There will be no dockside garbage pickup this year. 
  • The landfill/dump up the River is to be closed, permanently.
  • The number of garbage/recycling bins at King Bay will be increased and emptying of these bins will occur more frequently

The Club has requested that:

  • Dockside pickup be re-established in 2017, with delivery to the District-provided bins at King Bay
  • The Large Object Pickup be scheduled annually instead of every second year, and  to include hazardous materials.

Please post any questions or comments to the Club's Facebook page, so that the Board can see them and be able to respond.