Woodworking Cancelled - message from Amy Satterthwaite

For the few classes hosted this year, Woodworking has had a tiny turnout. In one case, no one showed up, and for the other 2 sessions there were 2 participants. While the experience of coming to Woodworking on the Main Dock is super-memorable to many of us, in the interest of respecting the planning time of volunteer hosts, we're going to cancel next week's class (the only remaining class with a volunteer host this year) and I will close the request for hosts this year. This means Woodworking will not run the rest of this season. I look forward to conversations about how we might revive interest in both volunteerism for hosting and young people's participation. Thanks to those who offered helping hands this season and to the families who participated. Craft Classes at 10 am on Wednesdays have a full roster of enthusiastic volunteers so please do participate!