Regatta 2019

The Regatta approaches and we hope to see all you out there participating and cheering the community on! A few reminder

Please make sure to drop off your cleaned and engraved trophies from last year's triumphs to the Library by July 28. Engraving is covered by the Club at Dominion Regalia, 270 Esna Park Dr Unit 12, Markham, ON or Simcoe Trophies, 26 Lennox Drive, Barrie, ON.

The 2019 Regatta is set to take place on Saturday, August 3 at 9:00 am at the Regatta Beach for the boating, 2:00 pm at the Main Dock for swimming and diving, and 6:00 pm for the awards ceremony

If you compete, we ask you to fill in the sign-up sheet at the event (similar to the Marathon procedure) with name, age category and site number, in order to help with identification.  And please check in with the judges after your race if you are in the 1-4 position to make sure they have your name.

Attached please see the order of events and the rules. Please read the attached rules carefully, as there have been some changes and/or clarifications regarding eligibility (age and good standing) and races (Family boat and Pyjama relay).

And volunteers are always welcome!

See you on the 3rd.

Best wishes,

Bill and Helen

Please contact us at if you wish to volunteer or have any questions.