Surprise your Go Home community with what you think!

The Task Force working on recommendations and options for the Caretaker’s Site analyzed both the surprises and the expected from last year's focus groups and survey. There was more interest in renting than we thought; there was more use of the back lands than we thought. There was a strong desire for activities that build community.

When we hear from everyone, we hear the voices that often don't get heard at meetings.  The Task Force is working to hear from at least one person from every site to provide a fully representative and informative report to the board this fall.

This survey builds on what we learned from the first survey, but there the  50+ crowd holds sway in participation numbers. If you’re under 50, say ‘Hello future!’ and take a couple of minutes now to help shape it. 

The ambitious goal is to hear from every age group (10 and up) from every area of the bay with every different interest. (And yes, 50 plusses are needed; we got new questions for you!) Encourage all generations who use your site to participate.

Here’s the link, and just so we leave no Go Home stone unturned, you might also see a member of the younger generation – Oliver Graham, – out and about encouraging all-age participation. 

Help us out. Click here please and thanks.

The Caretaker Site Task Force