Regatta Winners

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who came out to compete in the 2019 regatta. Special mention to this year’s trophy winners, namely…

Under 5 Girls: Violet Anstey

Under 5 Boys: Lachlan Proctor

Under 7 Girls: Blakely Boriss / Rosie Cape

Under 7 Boys: Finn Boriss

U7 Girls Rowing Rossiter Cup: Rosie Cape

U7 Boys Rowing Rossiter Cup: Finn Boriss

Under 10 Girls : Hope Trusler

Under 10 Boys: Reddon Callaghan

U10 Boys Paddling Billy Carswell Cup: William McNeil

Under 13 Girls : Skye Trusler

Under 13 Boys: Hudson Callaghan

Under 16 Girls : Gemma Trusler

Under 16 Boys: Oliver Graham

Open Women: Maria Robson

Open Women Rowing Mary Galbraith Cup: Christine Robson

Open Men: Jeff Martin

Masters Women: Raynor Boutet

Masters Men: Bill Robson

Swimming Women: Hannah Lord

Swimming Men: Braedon Sharp

Diving Under 10: Reddon Callaghan

Diving Under 13: Hudson Callaghan

Diving Under 16: Bruno Cyr

Diving Open: Madi McNitt

Diving Masters: Brian Martin

Sportsperson Leonard and Theresa Roi Cup: Freya Field

We hope to see everyone, plus some returnees and some newbies, next year.