Summary of Madawaska Club Board meeting minutes, November 2013 (M. Owen)


The Planning Director updated the Board on the state of the Township’s The Official Plan.  The Township endorsed the Plan, and our Community Plan is completely intact within the Official Plan.   Road assumptions are a worry, as we will end up paying for them with our taxes.  The OP doesn’t have a policy about this; they will be turning their attention to it.  If there is an appeal to the OP, we will ask for party status.  Suggests that the Board take the advice of a professional planner from time to time to help guide us through the OP’s accompanying By-Law, which the Township hopes to pass next fall.  There will be public consultation about it. 

 Discussion about the regulation of saunas, gazebos etc. dotting the shore, and the role the Board should be playing in enforcing restrictions.  While willing to be helpful with guidance or information, the Board should not play the role of policeman; it should not be in a snitching or enforcement role.  Moreover, volunteer members cannot be asked to give as much time as it might require to resolve any disputes amongst neighbours.

 The ward boundaries may be changing from 3 to 4.  This will give coastal communities like ours better and more accurate representation, as our concerns will be shared by more of the new ward’s citizens.

 Discussion of the Clark variance request currently before the Township.  Their request is due to be heard on Friday. Understand that neighbours have been consulted and are aware of the date.  This is a municipal obligation and has been fulfilled.

 Discussion about developing written Board policies (site fee payment, hunting, Board succession, logo use, advertising on website etc) and making these policies available to the community. All agreed this would be helpful for community.  Some had already been drafted; these were reviewed, and comments made for the next drafts.

 Request from Secretary for each Board member to submit a description of their portfolio to make it easier for any incumbent to understand what is required.  All agreed to do so.

 New diving board; Bill and Dottie presented their proposal for the cheapest, yet still insurable, option for replacing the board.  The suggestion is flexible; in that it can be expanded/developed to come to the plans that Bill presented to the community if the community wants that, but will work in the meantime perfectly well with the minimum cost. It may never change from this, or it may - entirely up to community.

 The Board resolved that the Bill/Dottie proposal be sent out with the [Spring] newsletter, asking the community for any feedback.