The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay

 Summary of Board Meeting Minutes

 Wednesday November 18, 2015

Bill Lougheed’s house, 28 Crestview Rd, Toronto

Attending: Bill Lougheed, Dottie Graham, Kelly Killoran (by phone), Doug McKenzie, Michael Stephens, Andrea Proctor, Patsy Cross, Michael Williams (by phone) David Cape

Absent: Dana Stewart

Bill: called meeting to order

Approval of October minutes - Dottie

Motion – Doug, seconded Andrea.  Approved

GBA – update - Bill

Wikky settlement will be a long process. Open session for comment is extended to Jan 12th.  Government has felt pressure and extended window. Idea was that if you keep the use as it is, recreational usage, and if people can still go there even if they have to pay a fee.  Northern Georgian Bay associations have a knee-jerk reaction that natives will put bridge across etc.  These things take often 10-30 years. 

Big concern for all organizations is the issue of precedent setting.  Don’t want it to be a precedent. 

Hunting on Club Lands - Bill

This issue has been discussed on and off for many years. David Cape will do research and come back with a proposal for a policy on the matter.

Caretaker Contract - David

Discussions are progressing and should be finalized in January, 2016. Present contract expires Feb. 16, 2016.

Treasurer’s Update - Mike

Mike: corporate forms need to get back about adding me as Director.  They’re telling Allan that one of our properties (probably the combined Pig and Sunset) doesn’t count as managed forest.  Worst-case scenario our taxes will go up a thousand, maybe. 


Our Insurance Company’s  philosophy is that the diving board is not separately listed as a rider.  But they have assured us in writing that we are covered.  Agent  recommends posting sign about “Private Property – use at own risk.”  Can’t go wrong he says.

Moved: That we post a sign saying “Private Property – use at your own risk”

Budget - Mike

Sailing revenues and Caretaker’s house expenses were discussed at length.

Planning – Patsy

A summary of new applications and other matters before Council was presented and discussed.

Welcoming committee

The Board will establish a welcoming committee for new members to our community.

Morgan Legacy

This issue was discussed further. Some new ideas presented were:

1. New webcam

2. Purchasing Kindles

3. Environmental – trail clearing, water sampling

Meeting Adjourned - Bill

Next meeting Wednesday Jan 20th