Come out and compete in the races, cheer on a friend and visit with your neighbours. Prize giving will take place at the Regatta Party at 6 pm sharp! 

Please be sure to bring back any trophies from last years triumphs by August 2nd.  Please drop them off at Mary Anne Ballantyne's boathouse(Galbraith Cottage - site 30).

Don’t forget to get them engraved at: 
   Dominion Regalia, 270 Esna Park Dr Unit 12, Markham, ON L3R 1H3, or at
   Simcoe Trophies, 26 Lennox Drive, Barrie. All costs of engraving are covered by the club. 





Canoe Regulations



Age Groups

- Age is determined as of July 31st. Competitors can only compete in one age category.
- Masters is restricted to those competitors age 40 and over.
- All doubles are to be with one female and one male. If a competitor in Under 10, 13, or 16
cannot find an opposite sex partner in their age group they may pair up with either sex from
a younger age group.


- Eligibility - Cottagers and guests from sites in good standing are eligible to participate in the
- Under 7 rowing with Passenger - The passenger must be at least 16 and may not physically
assist competitors.
- Overboard Canoe - This year will have two persons in the canoe.
- Dad's and Daughters, Moms and Sons - ribbons will be awarded to family members of any
age for style, fashion and sartorial splendour not speed, enjoy!
- War Canoe - is around Pig Island in a counter clockwise direction.
- Finish Lines - are between the flags on the two buoys.
- Under 5 Swimming - Competitors must start from the water and be unassisted by anyone at
the start.
- Pyjama Relay - Pyjamas or shirts with sleeves and shorts worn appropriately.
- Diving - Competitors may only compete within their own age group as in other events.
- Ribbons - All participants are eligible for ribbons, including guests. Cottages not in good
standing are not eligible to participate in the events or receive ribbons.


- Cups are only awarded to members of the Association that are in good standing. Dues can
be paid up at the Party Saturday night.
- Age Group Cups are awarded for only those events described as Under 5, 7, 10, 13, 16,
Open and Masters. Except under 5 & 7, only 5 events (2 rowing, 2 paddling and one
swimming event) count towards cups. Separate cups are awarded for diving age groups.
- This year, points towards cups are based on 4 points for first, 3 points for second, 2 for
third, and 1 for fourth.

Equipment (Marathon and Regatta)

- Canoes - Maximum canoe length 17 ft 6 in.

- Minimum ratio of width to length 15.5%, where width is measured at 4" waterline.
All manufacturers publish their specs on their website, so members need to check
their canoe dimensions with their manufacturer.
- The Peterborough 16, including the modern Bluewater replica of this canoe, will be
grandfathered and therefore allowed. The Peterborough 16 (model 44) or, more
correctly, the "Canadien" was introduced in 1938 and has been competing at Go
Home for 70 or so years and deserves to continue its tradition in our community.

- Row boats - All boats used in last year’s regatta are allowed to compete. No outriggers are
permitted. Seats must be fixed during the race. Oars must be appropriate length.


Remember, the focus of the Regatta is to have FUN !!!