The Madawaska Club of Go Home Bay
Board Meeting Minutes

 Sunday Sept 20th, 2014
Bill Lougheed’s Cottage, Go Home

Attending: Bill Lougheed, Mike Stephens, Dottie Graham, David Cape, Kelly Killoran, Doug McKenzie, Andrea Proctor, Dana Stewart
Absent: Roger Ashton, Michael Williams

Bill: called meeting to order

Approval of minutes (July, August) – Dottie
  July - moved: Dana, seconded, Mike.  Carried
  Aug – moved Doug, seconded Bill. Carried

1.  Municipal Elections

The Directors discussed ways of informing the membership about the candidates standing for election to municipal council. Doug McKenzie will publish all candidates’ names on FB with links to their information.  We want to start communication and discussion.  The municipal rolls are still not accurate: there are problems here that Doug will help mend. Doug will also help facilitate the election process by informing members and helping get the vote out.

2. Conflict of interest re GBLT – Bill

Bill: In 2013 at a meeting at Roger Ashton’s Bill had previously laid out his position as the Executive Director at the GBLT and asked at that time if the Board felt comfortable with him a President. The Board did, and he was voted in at the AGM, but as a community member Bill has expressed concern about any potential conflict, and possibly others share that concern, so Bill would like to recuse himself while the Board considers afresh whether they are comfortable with Bill as President.

Motion: Regarding Bill Lougheed’s position as ED of the GBLT, as a Board of Directors we are confident that any possible conflict of interest will be dealt with appropriately and that we have full confidence in Bill Lougheed’s  impartiality. Motion Carried

Bill will continue to recuse himself from any discussion or voting in instances where a conflict of interest arises.

Bill returned

3. Treasurer’s Report

Mike Stephens gave the treasurer’s report. The Club has less money than we did at this time last year.  We have some reserve in the Capital Account for repairs (see beach issue below). The Board will talk about audit requirements (before year-end). Paid memberships were up slightly from 2013 at 145-146. Our year end will be December 31, 2014.


4. Board Nomination Process

A Board Nomination Committee was struck consisting of Andrea Proctor, Bill Lougheed and Dottie Graham. The committee will review relevant parts of the Corporations Act because the sections that now apply

differ from those before our conversion. The committee will review Robert’s rules and other gold standard references to:

a. Develop board policies and procedures for Director selection
b. Develop nomination procedures for electing slates of directors
c. Draft other policies and by-laws for Board or Membership approval as appropriate
d. Bring such forward to the Board and later to the Membership

5. Dump – Kelly

Following the election, Kelly and Bill and Leonard and appropriate district and township personnel will meet to see determine what is feasible in regarding having our garbage taken to King Bay and having the dump closed.

6. Property Update – David

The diving board spearheaded by Bill and Dottie has been a huge success. We have had great feedback from everyone about it. The old metal diving frame will be removed from the cliff since this is a safety hazard.

Discussion was had regarding a flagpole with Maclub flag and the Madclub logo placed at the main dock. These ideas received Board support.

The bandstand is rotten and unsafe and needs replacing next year. The Board is considering purchasing a pop-up canopy to cover the bandstand. The septic system at the Caretaker’s is being fixed. The beach area distal to the French Drain is washed out. The French Drain will be extended to remedy the situation. This work will be done in the spring of 2015.

7. Winter Meeting - Bill

The Board voted return to 2 meetings per year (spring and summer). Bill expressed that our membership needs more opportunity to have their voice heard and we will therefore be initiating a ½-1hr discussion period that will follow both spring and summer meetings. The spring meeting will be held at a location whose space is donated so as to reduce costs.

Meeting closed