Caretaker Contact Information

Robert Roi,  General Delivery, Wyebridge, ONL0K 2E0
Cottage Phone: (705) 756-1733
Cell Phone:      
(705) 220-8366

Caretaker Services

At the 2015 Summer Meeting on the Main Dock, Robert Roi was overwhelmingly endorsed as Caretaker.

As a result, the Club and Robert have concluded a contract satisfactory to both parties, the Board always keeping in mind the community's strong support for Robert.

What Robert does for the Club -- included in the site fee:

  1. Conduct four inspections over the year: November (pre-ice), January, February, March-April;
  2. Setup and removal of Regatta swim lanes;
  3. Setup and take down the Regatta party equipment (BBQ's, tents,electricity and stand-by fire pump);
  4. Open/fill and close/winterize the Club outhouse at Main Dock;
  5. Conduct reasonable maintenance and care of future acquired assets of the club;
  6. Monitor snow accumulation on roofs;
  7. Make every reasonable attempt to prevent trespass and theft on members' property and record and report any details of such occurrences to Club members;
  8. Report any damage within 48 hours of observance to the club member whose property is damaged; and
  9. Be available by cell phone for immediate concerns about damage to members' property.

What Robert does -- on an individual fee-for-service basis:

  1. Conduct additional inspections of cottages at a pre-determined price following unusual windstorms or snowstorms;
  2. Remove accumulated snow at request of cottage owner;
  3. Effect immediately required emergency repairs, determined at his sole discretion.