Direcions to King Bay Marina [Ph. (705) 375-2464]

Driving from Toronto:

  • Take the Hwy 400 North. Follow the signs to BARRIE.
  • Once you arrive at Barrie, stay on Hwy 400. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT HAND LANE AS YOU PASS THE DUCKWORTH STREET EXIT (Exit 102, the fifth and last exit in Barrie). Follow the signs to PARRY SOUND. Hwy 400 and Hwy 11 split at the northern edge of Barrie with Hwy 11 going left and the 400 on the right. If you take the wrong road, you may end up in Bracebridge. A pretty town but NOT Georgian Bay!
  • Follow the Hwy 400 north and take Exit 185. Take the overpass back over the highway heading west on County Road 12 (Twelve Mile Bay Road).
    Note: Excellent options for groceries, LCBO, beer and hardware are all available via the next Exit #189 (highway 69) in the town of MacTier. Note there is an excellent organic food store on the left as you turn off 69 towards the town.
  • Travel along 12 Mile Bay Road for 18.4 km, when you should see a sign for King Bay Marina directing you to turn left. Just before this turn there is a wee firehall and a small Early Years Centre. Right at the intersection there is Niigon Industries.
  • Drive another 2 km along this road and you will run into King Bay Marina. There is a store there which sells milk, bread, water in jugs, a few groceries, and ice cream cones. There is also a snack bar. Arrange for parking at the store. If it's closed when you get there, you can pay when you leave.

Contact: Lorraine King
Phone (705) 375-2464